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Financing Partnerships

ADB and its financing partners pool financial resources, share the risks involved, and combine knowledge and technical expertise in planning and implementing development programs or projects.

In the Spotlight

  • Partnerships for Social Transformation

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    Partnerships for Social Transformation

    In 2021, ADB and partners engaged in projects that address the immediate gender impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic to keep the region from sliding behind on its gender equality commitments and, more broadly, to the Sustainable Development Goals.

  • Modernizing Power, Empowering Women

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    Modernizing Power, Empowering Women

    A partnership between ADB and the Electric Networks of Armenia will modernize electricity distribution networks to ensure reliable electricity supply for the whole country.

  • More Hospitals for Mothers and Children

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    More Hospitals for Mothers and Children

    Pregnancy-related deaths of both mothers and infants have been alarmingly high in Indonesia. With equity investments from ADB and Leading Asia’s Private Infrastructure Fund, Hermina Hospitals now provide expanded high-quality and affordable maternity, child healthcare, and general hospital services across the country.

  • Partnership Report 2021: Partnerships for a Green, Inclusive, and Resilient Recovery​

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    Partnership Report 2021: Partnerships for a Green, Inclusive, and Resilient Recovery​

    ADB and its financing partners mobilized $12.9 billion in cofinancing in 2021 and worked on balancing the need to address short-term COVID-19 pandemic concerns with ensuring longer-term green, resilient, and inclusive pandemic recovery.

Financing Partnerships at a Glance

ADB continued to provide agile and tailored support to its developing member countries in 2021, balancing the need to address short-term COVID-19 response with ensuring longer-term pandemic recovery. ADB’s robust and reliable long-term partnerships played a major role in mobilizing financial resources and specialist knowledge during the pandemic.

Commitments from ADB’s resources (loans, grants, guarantees, technical assistance, and equity investments) totaled $22.8 billion in 2021. From its financing partners, ADB mobilized $12.9 billion—around $5 billion for sovereign cofinancing and nearly $8 billion for nonsovereign cofinancing.

Sovereign Cofinancing

Sovereign Cofinancing

Mobilizes grants and loans from financing partnerships and public sector lending windows for ADB-supported projects and grants for ADB’s technical assistance operations.

Nonsovereign Cofinancing

Nonsovereign Cofinancing

Supports ADB’s developmental objectives by facilitating investment, trade, and capital flows into developing member countries.